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Wellbeing and Reflexology

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Granary Therapy Centre,
Dominic Street, Galway
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Marie Therese Shelly

in Reflexology
since 1990

Code of ethics
National Register of Reflexologists (Ireland)
Members of the National Register of Reflexologists (Ireland) are expected to observe all parts of this code of Ethics and Professional conduct at all times and to conduct themselves in such a manner as to uphold and maintain the highest professional standards of Reflexology.
This Code governs the attitude and behaviour of the Reflexologist towards clients, the general public, and fellow Reflexologists, and will also form the basis for discussion and discipline in the event of any compliant against a member.
  1. Members must recognise that the primary obligation is toward the client, and at all times must practice their skill to the best of their ability for the benefit of the client. The comfort and welfare, culture and customs, values and spiritual beliefs of the client must always have priority over any other consideration.
  2. Accurate and detailed records of treatment must be kept, but any knowledge acquired in a professional capacity during consultation or during the course of a treatment may not be divulged to a third party without the clients consent, except where required by law.
  3. Members must not make medical diagnoses or use implements.
  4. Aromatherapy oils may not be used before or during a Reflexology treatment.
  5. No unqualified advice should be given.
  6. No claim should be made to have effected a cure or otherwise.
  7. Members must provide a unified front to the public and should not imply criticism of colleagues either in writing or verbally, in the presence of clients or the general public.
  8. Member’s premises or clinics should be maintained in a condition that reflects credit on the profession of Reflexology

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What is Reflexology? Reflexology is a healing therapy drawn from the assumption that there are reflex areas on the hands and feet that correspond to all parts of the body. (Taylor1998)

What will it do for me? Reflexology is a natural therapy that works on the nerve endings on the feet restoring health through enhanced nerve function, muscle tone and circulation. Restoring the body to health alleviates stress related disorders such as migraine, sinusitis, exhaustion, repeated colds and flu’s, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation as well as infertility to mention but a few. It is also fantastic to help maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, menopause and in old age.

What area are worked on during a treatment? Feet preferably/ Hands in certain situations.

What happens during a treatment?
  1. First the reflexologist will explain to you what reflexology is and how a treatment might affect you e.g. you might feel tired afterwards. Then you will be asked to sit down on a special reflexology recliner chair.
  2. The Reflexologist will then apply specific thumb movements exerting a certain amount of pressure on your feet. The treatment normally lasts for about an hour. Many people fall asleep during this time.
  3. Before you go home the Reflexologist will help you find ways to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Generally deep relaxation and a sense of wellbeing is experienced after a treatment.